The « Canoës du Marais » is located in the very heart of the Natura 2000 site « Dunes de la Sauzaie et Marais du Jaunay », in the village of Givrand. We offer several rides on the Jaunay river. During your excursion, you will discover different typical landscapes :

  • The Jaunay marsh is a back coastline marsh supplied by the Jaunay and Gué-Gorand rivers. With a majority of natural meadows, the marsh is mainly used for agricultural purposes (quiet and peaceful area guaranteed!)
  • You will paddle through the heart of the dunes, which play a key role in the protection of villages against high tides : Across the fixed dune with its rich flora and the wooed dune with maritime pines and cypresses. You will also be able to see the white dunes facing the sea, also known as moving sand dunes.
  • You will eventually end your journey and dock at Saint Gilles Croix de Vie, a nice seaside resort to discover on foot with its fishing port and marina, its beaches and many other activities.